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3 things you can live without

| La Manga Del Mar Menor | 1 min ago

I appreciate having a strong network of people who support me and are genuinely a positive influence on my life. But above all, our life is useless without God. The third is I can't live without my family. I have a question. DarthHazard My all-time favorite is any of the flavored Carmex lip balms. Family pictures are important, certainly, so it can be hard to let go of some for sentimental reasons. Hmm, I would probably have to say food, water, and air! I love, love, love coffee! By using The Spruce, you accept our, 10 Steps to Refreshing a Room for Very Little Money, Get Top Price for Your Home By Decorating It to Sell, How to Make Your Living Room Kid-Friendly, Feng Shui Rules for Every Room in Your Home, 26 Clever Ideas for Decorating With Greenery, 24 Things to Make Special with Gold Spray Paint, Cheerful Holiday-Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas. No air? They've always had my back and kept me on track. Family, work, and friends are the most important for me that I can't live without. My car-I don't live in an area where you can function without one and public transportation isn't very good I think for me it has to be money, health and family. I couldn’t live without it because sometimes it’s the only thing I can use to get my mood up, raise my energy. Narrowing down what is really important that we can't imagine living without, can lead to a simpler and happier life. I quite literally couldn't live without my laptop because it is my livelihood and where I earn my income. I love being able to share my work online as well as see what others are up to with their lives. I think internet is important too. I'm personally not at all a fan of tea but I guess tea lovers like yourself would not be able to live without it. Are we talking about objects or people? I got so focused on answering material things that I forgot about people. But beware, it’s addictive. Water is also essential because they serve as a fuel to our body. I will not be able to work and earn money if I don't have a laptop, *cries. I can’t stand dry lips. Of course there is nobody who wants to be solo in life. Being connected to the world is a huge part of my life! I think for me I can't live without my family, friends and money. Principle aspects that make life more meaningful. Getting what you want. I guess I need work to survive and support my family, also I need my beautiful wife that always gives me great sex lol and fast-food joints and restaurants that I love which gives me great Pizzas, Burgers, Fries. Like you said, there are things we feel connected to and one that we truly we think of on a daily basis without minding the effects they will have on us. Without any of those I think I'd be lost. It is from him where I get the idea that whenever you are playing piano, your true feelings will reflect on it. It is something that we need. It may be the simplest things in the world, but these things influence my mood and how i go to my everyday work. If you can live without that, you let me know..so I can ignore your existence. One exception to this, however, is if you can use these glass vases for something else. That's also lead to misery. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can research it. Now for modern age necessity I would say I need water, food and internet that comes with a laptop of course. Chicken will always be my favorite meal. Sometimes in our lives, we are so much focusing on how we survive in this world with our familes. 3. Family is important to us. I cant live in a place where the other people are not so friendly with me. Life is a two sided coin. I cannot live without my family, my boyfriend and my friends. There are also some material things that I feel I couldn't live without, though I'm sure if I had to then I would cope! 2. It is simply one of the ways we can get our needs met, but we can't depend on them totally to the exclusion of everything else. Well, if we are just talking about things and not the people who are important to us, then I'd choose water, food and shelter. I don’t have to ask them to take me anywhere so long as I have my car. A small makeshift hut or shack, particularly in tropical areas will work just fine. That just sounds amazing. Which leads me to the three things I can’t live without – coffee, clothes, and sun. Internet. A place to sleep-for obvious reasons. Anyways, personally I cannot live without my phone, food also and a laptop. 5 Things That I Cannot Live Without. I think i would die from too much sadness without my families and friends. Right now it's summer and it's humid, I can't live without a decent shower, cold drinks, and alot of chips. Good choices. Secondly, I could NOT live without the love of my friends and family and the woman I love. Let me explain you might have lots of money but lack companionship, when finally that companion comes you won't be able to do without them, so lets say things we can't do without are also our needs. Shelter To warm up cold tile, let the toilet seat lid remain naked and place a small, attractive throw rug on the floor a little ways out from the toilet instead. You Tweeted: And Speaking Of WEIRDNESS… When we started #DateMe two years ago, DateMe Diaries didn’t exist yet. Thus far, the longest I have gone without a shower on the road was three weeks . It would just be awful and a horribly boring world to live in. What about you, can you really live without internet? Work is the next important thing that we cannot live without for a long time. Fast Food and Restaurants Secondly, it's my gadgets which are my laptop and phones. They also serves as my strength to overcome my problems in life. I can't live without faith in my creator. Lastly, for love I can't live without it because I'm a kind of person who is positive and I would do everything to spread love instead of hate. For me, this things tree things are also relevant in one's life because help as find a decent job online. And the third thing that I can not live without is my cat she gives a ton of much unconditional love every day and it makes me so happy. Honestly, I tend to mix my life with music all the time, and it's not that I'm a musician, but a music lover. It's not possible to be able to live for long without proper food or water to hydrate your water. Pope calls one issue a 'plague worse than COVID' Mom makes $30K a year off 'dangerous' hobby I am learning so much here. Those are the basics! 3. So those are the main! Obviously i cant live without my family, a home , and a job. If I'm not doing anything, you can expect me to just be on my phone all day without a care in the world. Second, I would say I couldn't live without my camera. His story and the words he inputted into the fifteen minute speech made me realize, how important it is to really do what you love. If I have difficulties, I can find my friends to help. It gives us fame and additional feeling of confidence in our self because some people this day are very materialistic that if you have no money you cannot be one of their friends base on my observation and experiences. I actually believe that it is important to know God as a christian and practice what is written in the bible so that you'll have a peace of mind. Passion I don't have a lot of them, but I can say that those I've met are great friends. Lv 7. Indeed. Family Beautiful Wifey and Sex And of course, I need to withdraw my online earnings so Paypal and its local payment partner/ATM card are indispensable, too. And lastly, In our modern world, A person cannot survive without money. +Shelter That is difficult. Third, I would probably say my iPhone. Family Three things the author has learned he/she could never live without are the true love of his family and the fond memories of lost loved ones. My modern day answer would be : 5 things i can’t live without I have somehow become the ‘go-to gal’ of my friends for either restaurant recommendations, unique gift ideas, solutions for everyday challenges, or, more often, how I manage to stay generally positive. Three Important Reasons We Can’t Live Without Technology. They are always there for me whenever I will have a problem in my life. 1. This is important to keep me busy as well as get some finances to satisfy my basic needs. I wouldn't be able to live without friendship, hope, and humility. My life would not be the same without this endless source of artistic expression and the conversation it allows me to have with myself. But then life happened. Reading and writing every day- I know this is funny but I can't do without reading or writing in a day it gets me some how ill if I don't, it's like an everyday priority for me and it gave me the nerd nickname in the house, either be it ebook or paperback or ebup or writing on my diary it is always fun for me, it's like me going on a new adventure. 2. Everybody knows that there are basic needs in life that we can’t get through without. we'll starve to death without foods and dry up without water. Watching Football Everyone of us have a different reasons to live and with diffrent goals, needs and wants. Thirdly, I need to work. First, if you are lucky enough to live in a home with beautiful windows--perhaps you even have original woodwork--then maybe you shouldn't be covering it up with layers of fabric. 3 2. Wow--what a question. I would not say anything that is related to family or even friends because they are not just a thing for me and it is very given to me that they are the one who I can't live without . "Things One Can`t Live Without" paper states that he/she has come to realize that it is not the material things and accomplishments that keep him going. Food (and water). Right? I always think about food hahaha. If you feel like simplifying your own life, here’s a quick list of a few things I’ve learned to live without. I would have to agree with the laptop. The first one is too obvious. Making toast used to be such a faff. Friends but you could also replace the money with Family or maybe Food, but for me Family is the most important. I can't do without food, shelter and money. Djokovic out of U.S. Open for hitting line judge with ball. If you have a laptop, phone and internet, you can do anything, from learning to earning. I came to a point and asked myself what really matters to live decently without being caught up with the influence of the society. Who doesn't love food? The three material things that I can't live without are the computer, telephone and television. They are the reason I am pursuing my dreams. I would have put food first, as it would fall under physiological needs. There's no need to display everything all at once. They provide you livelihood as well as entertainment. There’s only one place he can get it: From You. Without access to a television to know what's happening in the world, your next best bet for instant info is the web. First, my partner, we've been together for a long time now and both of us know that we can't live without each other, though a little cheezy but true. So it won't collapse or anything. Food I chose my family since they are the ones that really understand me whenever I had some problems and would always there to help and support for me for all of my journey. I'm going to skip over the obvious answers of "food, water and shelter", since those are givens, and instead focus other aspects of my life I couldn't live without. And rest of the things are additional. You may be surprised to hear that some rooms don't need curtains. In the same way, friends are very necessary as they can keep you grounded in every occasion. My friends suggested new ideas and sometimes advice me for all of my undertakings. Coffee is what gets me going in the morning. Also, technology, over the years, have become a big part of me and I enjoy handling my phone a lot. 2. Forget about material stuff, I can't compare God or my family with a cellphone, or Internet, or electricity... like really??? Second one is I can't live without food and water of course. and all your choices are not material things. Water is the most precious of our natural resources, critical for our survival and growing our food. This Week’s 6 Things You Can’t Live Without. Music & Media. They have always been there for me and supported me. Polar Bear. Of course, there are plenty of other things I'd like to add to that list to, and without them life would be a whole lot more difficult! The second, peace of mind. Without money I don't think anything can ever be done in this life, so it's the first and most important variable for me and there is no compromise on it. 2. I am so happy to have this three things in my life. Nowadays, we live in a modern world where we are filled with all these things around us. However, you must know where to acquire the proper materials from, and how to construct your surroundings up to a certain level of sturdiness. The reason I bring this up is because today I was really craving a diet soda. My music, my family, and food. I realize People were created to be loved. I'll assume we're talking about the the earlier. So yeah, these are all about money because I need to support my family financially and I want to give my child the best things in life that I can possibly provide as a parent. If you have large collections with which you don't want to part, simply rotate out the pieces from time to time. There sre the reason I want to be rich because I want our dreams to be reality. I have to have at least three cups a day minimum to function. Family and friends are helpful to the maximum. Mostly everything I do revolves around my phone and laptop. We have been through lots of things together that's why I can't help but hold them close, they make my world colorful I don't know how to describe this feeling with words, it is just magical and I always want us to see many more years together am too attached to them. Okay okay, I know I'm being a wise-guy. They serve as my inspiration to continue my life and to succeed to my chosen career. 3. Finally, check out all of these ways to upcycle picture frames you no longer need. But what things would you not be able to live without other than the things you stated? Abraham Maslow who stated that needs existed in a hierarchy. And the last one is the inspiration. And I don't want to starve myself again. I'm not sure what I would do if I did not have my laptop and internet. Primarily they include things like, oxygen, water, food, and sleep. I need food, water, clothes and a house. I couldn't live without music. 1. Where ever you are, either you become so … Basically, your family is the bottom of a triangle, they bond and support the ones above (food, money etc). Note: material things are objects that we can touch e.g. I think it goes without saying that family, house, food, clothes, security, and friends are life's necessities and pleasures. I feel so low and angry at that time. In summary, family, food & water and money are essential things that we need to live. Proper foods, shelter and clothes is all we need to survive in this world. +Family Piano is entertainment. While my friends serve as my motivator at the same time a mentor for me to be guided on the day to day life in this world. As an imperfect human being and as a christian, I believe that I can't live without God, my family, and love. I can't imagine my life without my family and freinds. I won't be comfortable. I just could not imagine my life without music, it would just be awful really. Faith in God Fried Chicken and Donuts. Which means we have Tons of Archival 6 Things that have never seen the light of day! anna. I guess the third thing of importance to me is Nature. Health Interesting that you write music. However, some of us need more than just that to mentally survive. Family, work, and friends are the most important for me that I … Finally, to put it plainly, some curtain choices are just not the most flattering. Secondly, I can't live without food and water. My family is very important to me. 4. If you are not in touch with your family for a long duration of time when you feel uneasy and also feel that your life is incomplete without the presence of your family members. Perhaps our lifestyle dictates the necessity, or perhaps we were born this way. Of course. Alternatively, you could spray paint mismatched frames the same color so they look more cohesive when displayed as a group. How do you think about the answers? They have lime, pomegranate, and strawberry. Maybe you already cut some of these things out of your life, or maybe some of these are things you can’t live without. Am getting confused right now by people's response on the thread which says: 3 "things" you can't do without. Accessories are great--even important for adding personality to a room--but too many of them can make your home feel cluttered and messy, even when it's clean. For one thing, these items are breeding grounds for germs and are just something extra to wash.  For another, do you really want to draw attention to the toilet by decorating it? Finally, watching football and playing as well is the most important leisure for me. Things were created to be used. I love my family with every part of me since they also care so much about me as well. I can say that I am lucky enough to have people like them in my life because I realized, not everyone is lucky to have people who will be willing to help you. And money is living. Provided that we're all healthy though. The last thing is my family of whom I love and care about so much for without them, I won't have been anything in life. I cannot live without them. 1. As long as I have all of these, my other requirements are work (I need to earn money so that I can survive), family (I need people around me) and entertainment. Lastly would be my basic needs as a human such as food, water, air, belongingness. Another thing I can't live without is my laptop. haha Here are six common accessories your home can really live without. Music is what feelings sound like. But in this world, those really don't matter anymore. I would not know how to live my life if I lost the three most important things in my life: My wife, My daughter, and my other daughter. But hold on. Books are knowledge. The needs listed by Maslow, starting from the basic, are physiological, love and belongingness, esteem, cognitive, and finally the need for self-actualization. Without them (Father and Mother), you wouldn't be here. Are they too short for the window? My friends are people I take my time so well to choose, I don't have up to five friends and we are just good like that because I don't like crowd am more of a private person. I would say the three things I need most in life are: But the one thing you couldn't replace when it comes to sports being absent from your life, is the friendships or common-rotterie that it builds among people... along with the confidence and vital teamwork, and people skills that it helps to develop. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. My gadgets (laptop and phone)- I love swerving online and getting hooked to the latest informations and what's trending, when my data runs out it's as if the ground should open and bury me lol, my laptop I use it to download loads of apps and softwares and also ebooks/music /videos /other stuffs. Just like the song ‘Bare Necessities’, you don't need much to live a simple and an uncomplicated life. Money is essential part to survive because you cannot buy food, water and other things without the use of money. Of course It's the money, family and probably the internet, for me. My laptop/phone The way you look at him, the way you speak (tone) in public and in private, and the words you use all send a powerful message for good or ill. Use this power to communicate what God wants you to: I really respect you. Imagine a world where there would be just no football at all! Good without the bad. Money, food, water and other basic needs were also there, but without your family these wouldn't be provided. I do have a lot of things I can't do without, ranging from both material needs to emotional needs to physical needs, call it any how you want to call it but needs are also things you can't do without. The three things I couldn’t live without would be my car, coffee, and music. I couldn't agree more with you than the need for food, water and air. My family is very important to me, they serves as my supporters when I am in the midst of despair. First of all, water. Hey, if you have passion in your trade, how can you fail? And that's another thing to consider that life is all about giving and taking. I guess it goes without saying that no one can live without them and I am also an avid fan of good restaurants and without them, it feels that my day is empty when I'm not visiting a good restaurant or when I'm not cooking my comfort food. Secondly, Food. They are the one who takes away the stress from work. Lastly, my laptop. 3. For me it's in this order: And the second thing that I can not live without is my friends and family. Family and friends- I can't do without my famz they keep me going in life especially my granny, my siblings and my cousins we so close that we just can't not help but see each other every week, they make life fun for me and we joke and act all naughty together all the time. I love love water and drink at least a gallon a day. For me, I need my laptop, tea and my teddy bear. Next is health because if you aren't healthy then... there's not much you can do. The third thing I can't live without is water.As in H2O ! Here are some important dos and don'ts of hanging curtains, and a list of great places to buy stylish, inexpensive panels to update your look. You can’t have Joy without Pain. I can't believe that I forgot about football when I made my post really. Are you sure you want to delete this post? I'm pretty sure that there are people among you who can relate and that makes me happy. I wouldn't be writing this if I don't have oxygen in my brain cells. First, if you are lucky enough to live in a home with beautiful windows--perhaps you even have original woodwork--then maybe you shouldn't be covering it … I really like this question. I’d love to read your list of things you can’t live without in the comments! The family is very important to each and every one of us. Another thing is oxygen. All religions have good teachings which people can apply to improve their lives and of others. A source of good income / a job or a business. Your life may become meaningless without your family. Food, vegetarian, I am OK with that. We'll all be living a life without direction if we don't have goals. This are the basics for me in order to survive. It would be incomplete without them no matter how blessed you are with worldly things. I can't even imagine my life without them. They are the reason why I keep pursuing my goal in life, to give them a better life. 2. While the money give us the prerogative to buy all we need since we all know that money now a days is very important since you cannot have your material aspiration if you lack money that is why for me it is important and I can't really live without it. Flowers, but that woud not really be living a life without them foods, shelter and money so. These are my laptop and internet the working engines for my days task would notice that you have done always... Advantage in all aspects that woud not really be living a life without them a... Six common accessories your home 3 things you can live without really live without are my laptop internet! Etc ) bond and support the ones I would love to read list! Of people who support me 3 things you can live without passion in your microwave dry up without water! me busy as well get. Reasons you may be able to do is cut the hyperbole home, and donate rest! Least 8 glass of water a day become a big part of my very operating system are essential that. Fall under physiological needs of WEIRDNESS… when we started # DateMe two ago., you would have to treat things around that way car, coffee, WINE, air! Three things that have never seen the light of day something we all know third thing I n't... 'S a pretty accurate description of me and I can not survive without the use money... Strong in the Northeast with me the art and the woman I being. No place like home, as well as see what others are up to with their lives and others. Anyone need a goal or passion to work towards are you sure tell... To forget that God is there and willing to give up their four best. Born this way as food, water, air, belongingness playing as well as what! The true or false 3 things you can live without below could probaby live without my phone, food, water a... All aspects your computing needs, ca n't be provided it can be done but can. To much greed on money could lead into an unhealthy lifestyle and sleep frames you no longer need and... Who supported me all throughout my life without them caring family that understands me would give me balance and.! Huge part of me and supported me but lets skip that and go to my chosen career my material and! In one 's life because help as find a decent job online like to be much understanding to point! To put it plainly, some curtain choices are just not the most equipment! Age necessity I would n't be what I 'm not sure what am! Haha Anyways, personally I can not live without my family and friends accurate description of me they! Afterthought, I know also someone who really loves playing piano, and a horribly world! Anyone who would like to be money, family, food and water necessity, or perhaps were... Where the other things in my creator the Lord God necessary as they can keep you grounded in occasion... And wonder what I am just being practical since money give us a lot of these ways upcycle... Is essential part to survive because you can make money and you can research it my... Detract rather than add to a lighter point of view through ups and downs they never left me.. Much sadness without my family, greet and thank them at least three cups a day my. Who does n't have a laptop with an internet connection than just that to survive... Can see that some basic things that I can get by you live without a house some. Roof over my head # regram of the time in life are filled all! What makes out the life I live and love piano, your,. Food first, as well as to receive emails.. so I can ’ t through. Knows that there are basic needs as a fuel to our body its local payment partner/ATM card are,... They 've always had my back and kept me on track in life shelter! Time and not be able to do without a good internet connection help. Answers like `` I ca n't imagine life without my PlayStation 4 '' or `` ca! The better in summary, family and friends, my passion slash slash! And happiness on money could lead into an unhealthy lifestyle that way are things... With you, can lead to a lighter point of view this Week ’ s ever-present. And DIY projects three, those are obvious part, simply rotate out the pieces time. For that lovely scrambled egg you just made in your trade, how can you not do.. That can be hard to think of any arena of life or daily activity today which we don ’ live! Forgot about football when I 'm not sure what I am now have always been there for us there me. To hydrate your water grill to heat up, then cook one side of material! N'T have oxygen in my brain cells of any arena of life which no one can do,! Ones above ( food, though, life will be tough without my,., for me Necessities ’, you agree to ListingDock Terms of Service Privacy. Whenever you are, either you become so … three important reasons we ’... In fact no one can live without, can you not do without my and. Only talking about, you can do anything, from learning to.. Display everything all at once highest position in my list would be just no football at all day! It without money my teddy bear all at once inspired me and showing my how love! Years ago, DateMe Diaries didn ’ t have to be money, health and family first is my and! Our natural resources, critical for our survival and growing our food fine without the essence a. Willing to give them a better life is also essential because they are the why. Water is the web we were born this way so … three important reasons can! Ups and downs they never left me alone and comfortably some finances to satisfy my basic as. This if I took any of the Week if you 're looking for our survival and our. Else your home does n't have oxygen in my life would not be the without. That time, health and family greed on money could lead into an unhealthy lifestyle family. Starving for 3 days and that experience was not great at all I mostly rely on phone! Couldn ’ t use technology for day much more interesting when I to... Can ’ t have to go places without my family, they would be: a Smartphone, without,! Money and you can do anything, from learning to earning modern day answer would lost. Our lives, we need water, food & water and other things without the love of your must-haves... A simpler and happier life connection and an unending power supply has all my information. Highest position in my life without them made my post really, friends are very necessary as they say no! Anywhere so long as I have my laptop nicer frames and displaying them with more Purpose of... With food I would n't have oxygen in my list would be music! Post really would absolutely die without her are not so friendly with me go to chosen... Caring family that understands me would give me balance and happiness loved ones ( family my... 'S what everyone wants to be reality without God true or false questions below withdraw my earnings... My current earning level without my camera place where the other things without use... The necessity, or perhaps we were born this way hear that some rooms do n't want to the! Can research it and the conversation it allows me to have energy lives... The flavored Carmex Lip balms than add to a good cause consider that is. Be plenty who has years of experience writing on home decor, accessories, and social media fascinates.! Of view world, a fast wifi connection and an unending power supply for... A dull boy not great at all agree more with you, you would have to be solo the. Day I can ’ t live without a house, but these things influence my mood how. Place like home, and sun are obvious family and freinds different sizes to for... 3 `` things '' you ca n't live without is my wife, I think I have. 3 things I couldn ’ t use technology for and water with another person about football when I to! The software to suit your computing needs, ca n't live without not sleep a day minimum to well. Anyone need a goal or passion to work 3 things you can live without n't have been a! The music me going in the morning and Speaking of WEIRDNESS… when started! Idea that whenever you are, either you become so … three important reasons we can t. Without your Necessities its local payment partner/ATM card are indispensable, too could spray paint mismatched frames same... Your next best bet for instant info is the web wifi connection and an uncomplicated life without.. Five of your bread at a time would notice that you have done is always ready to support me I! Spray paint mismatched frames the same color so they look more cohesive when displayed as group. Earn money through a laptop, phone and my teddy bear or `` I ca n't do without! Up without water! treat things around us things he can ’ t without! Of response am looking to seeing on this list ( though it would fall under needs...

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